1. Why choose solar panels?

Solar units can drastically reduce your electricity bill in two distinct ways. Firstly, by generating your own electricity from the solar panels you reduce the electricity you need to buy from your power provider. Secondly, any excess “Green” electricity your system produces is sold back to the power provider. These two benefits mean many households will be able to reduce their electricity bill significantly. 

Another often overlooked benefit is that the solar units increase both the energy rating and value of your house.

2. What is a grid connect solar panel system?

Grid connected solar panel systems are connected to the electricity supply grid. An inverter converts DC low voltage power generated by the solar panels to 240V AC household supply. The smart meter also manages how much electricity is drawn from or fed back into the grid. When excess “Green” electricity is fed into the grid, the meter ticks backwards, so the household only pays the difference between what is fed and drawn.

4. How much will this cost me?

Thanks to the Government solar incentives, the cost to the customer is greatly reduced.

6. Is there a warranty provided with the solar panel unit?

Yes, 25 years Performance warranty on solar panels and 5 years labour warranty

8. Have the solar panels and inverters been tested for quality to both Australian and international standards?

Yes, the panels are tested too and meet the indian standard, also all the panels of alliance solar use our approved Australian clean energy council standards.Solar panels are meet the standards IEC61215 and IEC61730, the inverter complies with standard AS/NZ4777.

10. Are solar systems as effective in winter?

Solar Photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. So while there may be fewer hours of sunlight in winter, the actual conversion of power is unaffected by the change in season. However, you will benefit from extended hours of sunlight in the summer.

12. In event of a supply failure or blackout does the unit take over supply of the house?

Yes, Battery backup system will provide supply to the house. Battery banks stored the power and whenever event of a supply failure or blackout then batteries will provide supply. Solar panels are used to charge the batteries.

14. How long does installers take to install the system?”

It depends on the size of your solar power system, normally it takes couples of days.

16. What happens at night?

However, your system is battery operated, they produce electricity at night. As solar panel systems produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight, and using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank.

3. Are there other benefits from having solar panels?

Yes, by reducing Indian dependency on electricity generated from coal, we not only reduce CO2 emissions, we also reduce the demand on water that power companies require to generate this electricity. Currently 130 billion litres of drinking water is used just to generate coal-based electricity.

This allows people who make the smart solar choice to enjoy the advantages of electricity even when the electricity is out due to bad weather conditions or some other reason.

5. How much roof space is required?

The amount of roof space required depends on the size of the system installed. For example, a 1.5Kw system requires about 12 sqmt of roof space. This should be on an un-shaded and preferably a north-facing part of the roof. The system is modular and can therefore be arranged in a way that best suits the roof.

7. What do I do if my unit is damaged or vandalised?

Contact Alliance Solar immediately.

9. Will the electrician installing the product be qualified?

Yes, all installers are licensed and experienced electricians and all the Design and Installation of Photovoltaic systems by the Clean Energy Council.

11. Do the solar systems Alliance Solar sell come with a battery?

Yes, all the panel of alliance solar comes with battery as well as without battery. Solar panel system with battery, power stored in your battery bank to power your home and using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank.

13. How do I go about getting a Solar System installed in my home?”

There are few easy steps to solar:
STEP 1: Grab your latest energy bill and contact us for a system quotation
STEP 2: Book an installation date and sign a Alliance Solar Solar Agreement.
STEP 3: We will install your system within four weeks.
STEP 4: Once your system is energised and your house starts exporting clean energy to the grid

15. What are the finance options available?

Allaince Solar offers various payment plans. For further details, contact Alliance Solar at +91-943030 3928

17. Is it possible to increase the size of a solar PV system in the future?

It depends on the inverter size and the roof space. If you want to expand your system later on, then we will advise you to install bigger inverter at first stage. However, increasing the size of an existing solar power system could affect your eligibility for a Feed-in Tariff.