Why Solar Products

There is no better source of clean and natural energy than the sun. It radiates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy that the entire world would consume annually. Given its abundance, solar energy can cater to the ever-increasing demand for fuel and make for an efficient source of renewable energy. It is probably the only source of energy that emits no noise while generating power. In addition, it is modular, scalable and highly flexible in nature.In the long run, electricity generated from solar energy systems will be far more cost-effective than any other type of power supply.

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Alliance Solar

We’ve created the very best solar solutions in the world from very beginning of our company We believe in changing the way our world is powered forever. Even the solar customers making their today and tomorrow by using Alliance Solar energy and saving their money .The electrical energy generated from the array of panels is transmitted to inverter, which converts DC output of solar module into utility grid electricity.

About Alliance Solar

Alliance Solar is one of the reputed solar companies in Australia providing rooftop solar power installation and commissioning for both commercial and residential clients. Alliance Solar is committed to enabling solar everywhere and bringing the power of the sun to people in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We offer grid-tied, off-grid and PV-direct systems with provision for battery backup. Till date, we have installed over 25MW of solar rooftop projects all over Australia. Our proud customers include commercial and residential complexes, villas and row houses, hospitals, educational institutions, farm houses, warehouse and so on.

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About BLD Solar

BLD Solar is a leading international producer of high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules at competitive prices. BLD is a China based solar module manufacturer which has been in solar module business for more than 8 years. As a professional industrial manufacturer, BLD is certified with world’s main certificates such as TUV, UL, CE, CEC, MCS, ISO, Salt Mist Corrosion Test, Ammonia Resistant Test, PID Free and CHUBB Insurance for global sales in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Indian Subcontinent.

Benefits of Solar Power

Alliance Solar in one of the reputed Company in India, providing Solar Power installation for both Residential and Commercial soutions

Depending on the size of solar system you choose the install, you can save an average of 60% of your electricity bills or even further by supplying excess electricity back to the power grid(by missing and by supplying excess electricity…)
Solar power helps to reduce your carbon footprints as well. An average Australian household generates 6.5 tones of carbon dioxide per year through electrical use.Carbon Dioxide has been proven to cause global warming, which is wreaking havoc on our earth.
Solar can help to conserve more than 1500 gallons of water every year too.
Adding a solar system increases your home or sale value depening on location.
Ready to add value to your home
Adding a solar system increases your home or sale value depening on location.
Ready to add value to your home

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How it Works?

We can change sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells. Everyday light hits your roof’s solar panels with photons (particles of sunlight).

The solar panel converts those photons into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The inverter converts that “DC” power (commonly used in batteries) into alternating current or “AC” power.

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Alliance Solar is a member of Clean Energy Council in Australia and is a registered Government agent for claiming subsidies in Australia. After a successful run of five years in Australia, Alliance Solar has expanded itself into Indian market.

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